The mission of the Booster Club is to support our girls and make the RHS Girls Soccer program a success. The Booster Club supports all team levels, not just varsity. The Booster Club coordinates volunteers for soccer practices and games, sponsors social events, encourages community outreach, and organizes fundraising activities to provide supplemental financial support for the program above and beyond that provided by the school.


The athletic activity fee paid to RHS provides for a basic program. The money raised through Booster Club fundraising covers expenses and events that the activity fee does not. Examples of Booster Club support in recent years include:

  • Replacing old uniforms, warm-ups, and winter jackets (these are all reused year after year)
  • Team-bonding activities and social events
  • College scholarships
  • Program scholarships

All of the club activities are funded solely by the Booster Club and we do not get any financing from RHS itself. We call on several businesses ourselves to get donations to support our teams.


We meet on the second Monday of each month @ 7 p.m. at RHS April through November, (Enter the main doors, walk past the main office, and turn left to meet in the Staff Lunchroom). We discuss finance, team functions and activities, fundraising ideas, goals, and plans for the future of the program at these meetings. The Booster Club serves the whole program, not just one team. So, everyone is encouraged to attend these meetings. Share your thoughts and ideas with us. It’ll only make the program stronger.

We have many volunteer opportunities available to chair and coordinate various activities or events and are also in need of Booster Club shadows for a couple of the board positions as we will have a few openings after this year’s season.  Please go to the Sign Up Genius or reach out.


Comments? Questions? Email us at

2023 Officers



Chair: Todd Farrington
The Chair is responsible for the coordination of the booster club with the overall soccer program at RHS. The Chair will ensure the booster club’s goals and fundraising efforts are in line with needed expenses. The Chair is the head coach of the RHS varsity girls’ soccer team.

President: Kietra Grate
This person is responsible for the coordination and leadership of all booster activities. The main responsibilities include preparing agendas and running monthly meetings in concert with the various activities throughout the year. This person should have the ability to seek individuals that could volunteer and also take on additional leadership roles within the booster club and help keep all committees on track.

Vice-President: Stefanie Kelly Heimerl
This is back up to the president. The VP has additional responsibilities of attending and being the liaison to the girls’ booster club. Also is ideally a role that will be groomed for next year’s president, however not necessary or required.

Chief Records Officer (CRO):  Cami Zimmer (interim)
The CRO is responsible for taking minutes, maintaining accurate records of meetings, distributing previous minutes prior to the meetings, as well as sharing and making additions or corrections during the meetings. This person can also help with the coordination of contact lists, and maintain group lists, and membership lists of all teams and volunteers.

Treasurer: Jessica Androff
The treasurer is responsible for all the financials and cash flow of the booster club. This includes fund-raising events, annual budget items to be considered, and distribution of funds when approved by the membership of the booster club. This person will also be responsible for setting up new signatures on existing bank accounts or monitoring situations as needed, as well as managing and providing insight into the budget and cash flow throughout the year.

Volunteer Coordinator: Lori Preiner
The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for creating and maintaining Sign Up Genius for all needed volunteer positions and shifts across the program. Manages record of volunteers to ensure program expectations are being met.

A few of the opportunities needed!



To volunteer for one of these committees and/or to see the many other areas we need volunteers – like Team Managers, hosting dinners, etc – please visit our SignUp Genius.  Click here to sign up! 


Web Site Coordination
Responsible for the upkeep of the website. Maintains team schedules, rosters, announcements, etc.

Game Concessions Chair and Volunteers 
The chair is responsible for the coordination of volunteers to work the “double-header” games with the boys. The girls’ booster club is responsible for taking care of the concession stand during the boys’ games (and vice-versa). Will need to work 1:1 with the boys’ booster club volunteer to make sure there are volunteers, as well as volunteers to open and close the concession stand.

Community Night Chair and Volunteers
Work with a chair from the boys’ soccer program to plan and coordinate this shared event. It typically occurs the night of the first home games for the boys’ and girls’ varsity teams and is an evening of soccer, food, and games for kids from the community. The chairs are responsible for planning and organizing using volunteers from both programs to help on the day of the event.

Out-of-Town Trip Planning for Varsity and JV Teams 
Each year towards the end of August, the Varsity and JV teams travel to Duluth for two days of scrimmages. This role is responsible for hotel check-in for the teams, meals (+ restaurant reservations), and snacks for the weekend.

Photographers – Chair and Team Volunteers
Takes individual and team photos during games and team activities to share with the team and program. Each team will need at least one designated team photographer. At least one is needed for each team.

All Program Pre-Season Picnic
Each year the program will host a picnic for all players from all teams. The goal is to have all the girls together for fun, games, and food to bond as a program. Help is needed with food planning and setup.

Program Sponsor Chair 
This is a key activity to raise money for the club as well as design & create the programs to be printed and distributed throughout the year. This role contacts previous sponsors as well as new potential sponsors of the Irish Girls Soccer program. There is also coordination of photos, printing, distribution, and thank you’s to the sponsors.

Publicity & Street Signs
Builds visibility and promotes Irish Girls Soccer in the community. Coordinates placement of street signs prior to all varsity home games.

Senior Night
A Junior parent is responsible for the coordination of Senior Night which honors the senior players at one of the varsity home games. This committee prepares player bios and flower arrangements. All varsity freshman and sophomore players’ parents are expected to help the chair with Senior Night.

Teacher Appreciation Night Chair and Volunteer
Coordinates honoring teachers of varsity players at one of the varsity home games. Prepares recognition bio for booklet. Email teachers to ensure they can attend the game. Varsity parents are preferred for this position.

Ball Chasers Coordinator 

Each varsity game is required to have at least 4-6 ball people. A community soccer club has committed to providing volunteers. This person will work with the club to ensure there is adequate coverage for each game and to arrive early at all home games to welcome and instruct the volunteers on what they need to do and to be available for questions as needed. They will also gather the names of the volunteer ball people for each game and bring them to the press box so they can be announced and thanked at halftime.

Wreath Sales
Coordinates and oversees the holiday wreath sales fundraiser. Contact the vendor (Gertens) regarding items and price lists. Creates flyers and spreadsheets for each team. Schedules parent volunteers for the day of pickup.

We Need Your Help!

Again, please visit our  SignUp Genius to volunteer.  Click here to sign up!