A Team Parent acts as a liaison between the parents and the coach, as a representative of the team with the Booster Club, and as the volunteer coordinator to help the team be successful. Typical duties include:

Communicating with the Coach

The team coach is there for one purpose: to form your group of girls into a high school soccer team.  In order to enable the coach to be most effective, your job is to make sure the coach can concentrate on coaching and ignore the dozens of distractions that pop up. Communicate with your coach regularly, finding out how you and the other parents can help him/her coach the team. Things like coordinating carpools, making sure players and parents know about (and remember) changes in practice time/locations, coordinating team building events, etc. are all big distractions for the coach.

Communicating with the Other Parents

Everyone seems to be super busy these days with work and home and they can easily fall into the trap of becoming disconnected from the day-to-day activities associated with the high school soccer team. Since you will be communicating regularly with the coach and the Booster Club, it is your job to make sure the rest of the parents (and even the girls) are informed as to current and upcoming events. You may wish to do this via an active method such as an email distribution list or via a more passive method, such as updating your team website. Whichever approach you take, the season will go much more smoothly with everyone fully informed as to what’s going on.

Spaghetti Dinner Communication (time/date/address)

Parent Volunteers help get the word out (time, date, address) of each spaghetti dinner for the team. The spaghetti dinners are given by the parents for the girls the night before a home game. There is usually some kind of pasta along with anything else you would like to serve. The whole team, including coaches, are invited and they usually come directly from practice.  The girls come in, eat very quickly, and usually leave right after they are done, so things are fast and furious. Parents can sign up to host or volunteer. Sign up on the Signup Genius here:

Hosts: Please see estimated quantities:

  • 5lb box of spaghetti
  • 4 jars of spaghetti sauce (or a combination of Alfredo and red sauce)
  • Meatballs (optional)
  • 5 loaves of garlic bread (this is a favorite!)
  • 4 bags of prepared Caesar salad (this is a favorite)
  • Fruit – apples, grapes, etc.
  • 2 pans of bars or cookies
  • Drinks – water, lemonade, etc.

Banquet Communication (date/time/venue)

The Team Parent should provide communication to players/families on the end-of-season banquet.

Parent volunteers are needed to plan the banquet and can sign up on Signup Genius here. There is some budget money available to the teams for the banquet. Please discuss with the Booster Club to learn more about banquet options.

Note: Coach Farrington will attend all of the team banquets, so when you start narrowing in on your banquet date, please coordinate with the Booster Club to make sure that you don’t overlap with another team’s banquet date/time.

Liaison with Booster Club

The mission of the Booster Club is to support our girls and to make the RHS Soccer program a success. We support the high school and the coaching staff in their mission to teach young women about teamwork and leadership.

Coordinator for Volunteer Opportunities

As Team Parent, you will occasionally be asked to talk to the other parents to request volunteers to support these program events.

RHS Girls Soccer Online

The Booster Club has developed a suite of online content and tools. We have a great website with links to a Shutterfly photo site, and a Facebook page (Irishwomenssoccer). This website has loads of valuable information on the program, schedules, game scores, etc.  In addition to the website for the overall program, each team has its own area that can be used for team-specific content. As Team Parent, you are the owner of this site; feel free to update the information on the team site (scores, stats, schedule, etc.) or ask another parent to take on this duty.

Get Other Parents Involved

You are not expected to do all of these things by yourself, but you do need to work with the other parents on your team to solicit volunteers to make sure the important things get done. You will probably want to start an email list with all of the parents on your team and start soliciting help.  Additionally, feel free to contact the Booster Club members if you need advice or help.

Summary of Team Parent Duties (these can be delegated to other parents on the team)

  1. Liaison between coach and parents on the team.
  2. Liaison between the team and Booster Club.
  3. Communicate about spaghetti dinners (time/date/address)
  4. Encourage families to participate in Gerten’s Fundraiser
  5. Communicate about the end-of-season banquet (time/date/venue)
  6. Update the team website.

Team Parent Guide